Scholarships for Students of Greek Descent or Philhellenes


Fulbright Foundation in Greece

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece offers opportunities to Greek and American citizens – students, teachers, scholars, and artists – to pursue a wide variety of educational projects. The Foundation awards Grants to Greek citizens to study, teach, lecture, or conduct research in the United States and Grants to U.S. citizens to study, teach, lecture, or conduct research in Greece.

Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation

The Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation has a mission to build a better America through Education and Hellenism. Awards are offered to undergraduate students who are selected based, first and foremost, on academic merit. It is the intention of the Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation to continue to award $250,000 every year in Scholarship Awards to students of Hellenic descent. The Foundation awards Twenty Grant Awards of $10,000 each to students on the basis of financial need and Twenty Merit Awards of $2,500 each to students applying on a basis of merit only and not financial need. Applications can be found online at the website below.

NHSA and Gianna Angelopoulou Essay Contest: Instituting Action for Positive Impact on Greece

This scholarship opportunity is open to student members of the NHSA who are also of Hellenic descent.  The goal of the essay contest is to inspire each student to think about and examine Greece in an optimistic manner. In light of the current crisis, each applicant is required to write an essay identifying what he/she believes is Greece’s best feature(s) that will contribute most in carrying the country into the future.

Propondis Foundation

The Public Welfare Foundation “Propondis” was founded in 1999 by the shipowner Mr. Diamantis P. Diamantides and his wife Maria Diamantides. The Institution’s aim is to contribute to education, scientific research and arts, as these terms are broadly defined.

State Scholarships Foundation- ΙΚΥ (Κρατικό Ίδρυμα Υποτροφιών)

Founded in 1951 with the aim to offer young scientists grants for post-graduate studies, initially only abroad and later in Greece too, in order to broaden their horizons, utilize their skills and offer better services to our society.

Pan-Cretan Association – ΠΑΓΚΡΗΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ

Venizelion Scholarship Program: This prestigious program was one of the earliest projects established by the PAA, dating back to the early 1930s. The scholarship program which is named in honor of the great Cretan statesman Eleftherios Venizelos, aids worthy young men and women in pursuit of education, learning and research through merit and financial need scholarships, grants and loans.

Pan-Macedonian Association- ΠΑΝΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ

The Pan-Macedonian Association, Inc. of the United States of America aspires to continue being a leader in preserving, promoting, and defending our Hellenic heritage. They offer the Pan-Macedonian National Scholarship and the Effie Flamos Philadelphia Scholarhsip.


Paideia has been organizing credit and non credit summer courses in Greece, for college, high school and elementary students, since the summer of 1984. Today Paideia awards scholarships of up to 50% of the program’s cost to every participant.

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA)

AHEPA’s commitment to education has been well documented throughout its history. Over $4 million is endowed at the local, district and national levels toward the use of scholarships and a half-million dollars is awarded annually. Thousands of young men and women have benefited as recipients of AHEPA scholarships at these various levels.

Aegean Center for Fine Art Scholarships

This progressive educational center has been operating for about 40 years, based in Paros and in Italy near Florence. It offers six scholarships and tuition grants and workstudy positions.

Agris Memorial Scholarship

The Alpha Omega Council, comprised of leading businesspersons of Hellenic ancestry, honors its late founder by presenting the Peter Agris Memorial Scholarships annually to several young Greek-Americans pursuing studies in the fields of journalism or communications.

American College at Thessaloniki Scholarships for Greek Americans

The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) awards two full scholarships to eligible Greek American applicants. Each scholarship includes full tuition and on campus housing with the possibility of shared accommodation.;jsessionid=E0B46CADAACBB43C32FE104330E86890

Athens Information Technology Scholarships

AIT is proud of its strong commitment to its students and through its Scholarship and Financial Aid Fund Committee provides eligible applicants with a fair process through which applications are considered objectively, evaluated on individual merits, and in a timely fashion.

Faith, Dance, Fellowship (FDF)

Offers Memorial Scholarhsips, Dance Scholarships, and Musical Apprenticeship Scholarships to outstanding individuals who promote Hellenism.

Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund

The Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund provides scholarship awards to undergraduate and graduate students of Greek descent between the ages of 17 and 25. Recipients are selected base on academic merit and financial need and the amount of the awards vary based on available funds.

Hellenic American Professional Society Scholarships

The Hellenic American Professional Society awards scholarships to high school graduates, undergraduate and graduate students of Greek descent living in the greater Bay area. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be considered for the $750 award.

Hellenic Legacy Scholarship

The Greek America Foundation is pleased to announce the Hellenic Legacy Scholarship for college students participating in study abroad at DEREE – The American College of Greece in Athens for the 2013 Spring semester which runs from January to April 2013. The scholarship includes the cash equivalent of full tuition for a semester. To date six full-semester scholarships and a full-year post-baccalaureate fellowship have already been awarded.

Greek America Foundation Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship

The post-baccalaureate fellowship program offers graduating seniors and post-graduate students the opportunity to spend a year immersed in modern Greek life. The fellowship covers Greek language immersion courses and offers a small stipend towards living expenses. Fellowship recipients will be placed in a customized internship and will have the opportunity to gain valuable pre-professional experience in their chosen field.

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